SBIR Topic No. A20-067

The United States Army has selected Kaney, Inc. for the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program with the goal of improving Army rotorcraft platforms. Under this effort, Kaney will develop technologies to improve efficiencies within rotorcraft power systems needed to support aircraft modernization and mission capability expansion. Work will be performed by Kaney teams in Rockford, IL and Dayton, OH.

Electrical systems in today’s rotorcraft are composed of three phase 400Hz 115V Generation Systems with a primary AC power distribution system. Three phase AC uses Regulated Transformer Rectifier Units (RTRUs) to produce necessary 28VDC for the rotorcraft low voltage loads. Phase I scope will include preliminary design work for power electronics line-replaceable units (LRUs), as determined by an architecture study.

“We will leverage our substantial experience in manufacturing critical military and aerospace motion control products, power generation/distribution/control, and EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection System) for this new product development,” said Jeffrey J. Kaney, Sr., CEO, Kaney, Inc.