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Advanced Aerial Mobility

Kaney products and services are part of the leading edge of the Advance Autonomous Mobility and remotely piloted vehicle ecosystem. Kaney’s unique combination of system architecture experts, ARP-4754A and ARP 4761 expertise and tens of thousands of hours of real-world commercial and military pilot experience enable us to provide prescriptive recipes for certification. Our staff includes world leading experts in electric propulsion, electric power generation, distribution and control. Our actuators are on test aircraft and iron birds for both new vehicle designs and type-certified aircraft being modified.

Our Services Include:

  • System architecture / system specification creation
  • Prescriptive guidance for product, system and airframe certification
  • Electric power systems including:
    • Electric/hybrid propulsion
    • Power generation, distribution and control
    • EWIS
    • Thermal management of both crew and equipment
  • Conformity for system integration labs and iron birds
    • FAA
    • EASE
    • Transport Canada
    • DoD
  • Autonomous flight controls and fight management
  • Specialized test equipment
  • Electric brake system control systems
  • Laboratory design and operation
  • Loads, dynamics and stress analysis
  • DO-178 and DO-254 Software V&V
  • ARP-4754A/ARP-4761 Certifications Consulting
  • FAA Part 145 Repair Station

Case Studies:


We provide a commercial off-the-shelf certified smart actuation solution with inner loop control for fly by wire flight and control systems.  This solution is flexible for both traditional airframes and AAM, for Pilot in the loop and completely autonomous applications.

Our products include:

  • Design/build to specification or build to print
  • Controllers
  • Primary flight control electromechanical actuators
  • Utility actuators
  • Electric brake system control systems
  • Conformed specialized test stands and equipment
  • Specialized development and production test equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic pressure monitoring
  • Position sensing and indication
  • Cables and Harnesses

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