Kaney Aerospace announces the addition of Dean Wilkens, Senior Technical Fellow, to its distinguished team. With a remarkable career spanning 43 years at Honeywell Inc., where he most recently held the position of Flight Controls Senior Chief Engineer, Dean Wilkens is a globally recognized authority in the advancement, execution, and certification of Flight Control Systems. Dean’s pioneering architectural contributions to Fly by Wire Flight Controls and Automatic Landing Systems have played a pivotal role in shaping cutting-edge technologies across Civil Air Transport, Regional Jets, Intercontinental Business Jets, Regional Airliners, personalized business aircraft as well as the advanced aerial mobility aircraft of the future.

In addition to Mr. Wilkens’ systems and product development history, Dean brings a wealth of experience as a Designated Engineering Representative (DER), having ensured the compliance of Flight Control electronics with the rigorous certification standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for over two decades. His notable achievements include successfully obtaining certifications for prominent aircraft models such as Gulfstream G450/G550/G650, Dassault F900/F2000/F7X, Cessna Sovereign, Hawker Horizon, Agusta/Leonardo AW-139, and Embraer ERJ-170/175/190/195. His accomplishments further extend to the development of conventional and heads up display systems, where he conceptualized and spearheaded the creation of an Integrated Display Guidance Computer adopted by prominent aircraft manufacturers such as Cessna, Learjet, Embraer, and Fokker. Kaney President and COO Ron Soave added “Dean assumes a pivotal role in steering Flight Control product development as Kaney continues its integration of electric power and actuation for the aircraft of today and tomorrow. I cannot imagine a better leader into Kaney’s future in fly by wire, simplified vehicle operation and autonomous flight controls and mechanisms.”

In 2023, driven by an unwavering passion to continue shaping the landscape of Flight Controls for the most intricate and sophisticated aircraft worldwide, Dean Wilkens transitioned to Kaney. As CEO and Founder Jeffery Kaney Sr. summarized, “Dean’s arrival at Kaney heralds a new chapter in our enduring commitment to excellence in aerospace technology.”

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Dean Wilkens, please contact:

Dawn Johnson, dawn.johnson@kaney.us

About Kaney

Kaney is a leading innovator in aerospace technology, committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence in Flight Controls. With a team of industry experts, Kaney continues to shape the future of aerospace through cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to excellence.


About Dean Wilkens

Dean Wilkens is a Senior Technical Fellow with a distinguished career of 43 years in the aerospace industry. A globally recognized authority in Flight Control Systems, Dean has played a pivotal role in advancing, executing, and certifying Flight Controls. His contributions have left an indelible mark on the aerospace landscape, and his recent transition underscores Kaney’s commitment to excellence and innovation.