We are pleased to announce that Kaney Inc. has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract by the United States Air Force, through the AFWERX program. Under this contract, Kaney will implement MAGTORQUE (Magnetic Actuators with Geared Toothless Output Reduction for Quantifiable Ultimate Effectiveness) into our existing servo product line to deliver disruptive flight control actuation capabilities.

Kaney’s MAGTORQUE technology will enable precise control of flight surfaces to enable hypersonic, Skyborg and low-cost attritable air platforms (LCAAT/LCAAPS) in addition to next-generation aircraft developed for urban air mobility (UAM) market. At high speeds (such as hypersonic applications), very small errors in control surface position can cause platform instability.

Kaney’s approach will incorporate magnetic gearing (tech transfer from Texas A&M University) into our Smart Servo product line, which is currently a flagship Kaney product with over 5,000 units in service on military and commercial aircraft. This will enable high precision flight controls while avoiding very high costs associated with precision mechanical gearing.

Kaney’s unparalleled experience in manufacturing critical military and aerospace motion control products, power generation/distribution, and control will be leveraged for this new product development. Kaney actuators are on aircraft and iron birds for both new vehicle designs and type-certified aircraft being modified.