Kaney Inc. (including Kaney Aerospace and BVR Technologies’ motion control products) is pleased to announce our newest business alignment in conjunction with our ongoing growth plans. Custom Precision Solutions (CPS), a leading business development firm specializing in high-end motion control mechanisms, is now part of the Kaney team as our professional representative serving the military, aerospace and medical markets.

CPS’s owner, Dominic Mastroianni, has decades of successful motion control design, application engineering and business development experience both at OEMs and with CPS. His industry-wide knowledge and passion for excellence make him an ideal fit as we continue our growth trajectory.

Since Kaney’s acquisition of BVR Technologies in 2017, we’ve invested over $6M in our state-of-the-art factory, CNC/robotic equipment, custom gearbox design and assembly, including AGMA-14 gear manufacturing capability, automated visual inspection equipment and overall infrastructure across our product lines. These investments along with our alignment with CPS furthers the Kaney commitment to “solutions delivered at unparalleled velocity.”

We are pleased to welcome CPS and Dominic to the Kaney team. He can be reached at 919.819.3805, sales@custom-precision.com, www.custom-precision.com. Please visit www.kaney.com for additional product line information.