A branch of the Military had a successful legacy vehicle in which the legacy wiper motor no longer fit the bill as it severely impacted radio communications from a noise perspective.  Because the existing wiper motor had extensive field experience other performance problems were known which included water ingress and excessive build up from the environment on the windshield leading to motor failure. 


The Kaney team developed a specification with the customer and then a solution which addressed the electrical noise thus enhancing the performance of the vehicle communications system.  Additionally, an actuator solution was selected which inherently solved the motor overload problem due to build up on the windshield.  An added feature which reduced the wiping field of view depending on windshield debris build supported keeping the soldier out of harm’s way in a hostile environment.  Water ingress to the actuator was addressed through good design practices.  The unit was qualified and went into production and to date more than 1400 units have been delivered.

 Kaney’s Involvement

  • Kaney developed a set of requirements (specification) with the customer
  • Developed a robust EMI filter to reduce electrical noise and improve the performance of the vehicle communications system
  • Recommended using a stepper motor which when overloaded will not result in a motor failure
  • At virtually no cost added a windshield wiping enhancement in which the field of view can reduce thus keeping the wiper functional while protecting the soldier from harm that may arise from cleaning debris on the windshield
  • A robust design resulted in a single return