An aerospace electrical power system manufacturing company developing an advanced next generation power distribution and load management system had set out to evolve a legacy system developed decades previously.  As the electrical power system requirements changed because of naturally evolving prime vehicle top level requirements, the company feared the pace of change would adversely affect its progress in completing New Product Introduction requirements and a very tight schedule for its certification program.  Although the product development and validation/verification teams were highly talented, hardworking and of superior quality, there were concerns over keeping pace with rate of change and the knock-on effect to the integration test program.  The company decided to seek independent non-advocate review of its systems engineering, integration, hardware design, software design and V&V teams, processes and risk avoidance development test program.


Over a three-day period, the company made available its entire program leadership, design and development teams for an independent non-advocate review of the program, status, plans, resources and challenges.  The resulting technical and programmatic recommendations were vetted by the company to cherry pick those most readily accommodated for immediate positive affect to the program.  These included organizational opportunities, continued internal and independent assessment reviews, tool and process improvements. The company then went on to a successful risk reduction development test program and new product introduction.

Kaney’s Involvement

  • Kaney performed a non-advocate review across the entire NPI program.
  • Prepared an NPI Assessment White Paper for use by the management team.
  • Provided briefings findings and technical and managerial recommendations.