Kaney has provided countless rapid response solutions due to quality and delivery issues, typically involving low-cost economy suppliers. Cases have ranged from material integrity and certification issues, long-lead items being dimensionally discrepant days prior to qualification testing, supply chain flex-up due to pandemic response, test equipment rapid response to enable product entry-into-service and spacecraft flight critical items requiring rapid re-engineering of manufacturing methods.


In each case Kaney has provided tailored solutions to our customers allowing them to recover from supply chain failures.  These recoveries have served to minimize loss in terms of revenue, waste, schedule, and reputation. Often, Kaney has become a production solution with significant improvements of cost, quality and delivery versus low cost economy outsourcing.

Kaney’s Solutions

  • Created sophisticated hardware and software contamination test equipment for Tier 1 supplier and delivered in less than 12 weeks from initial contact.
  • Developed tailored recovery plans for build to print and build to specification piece parts.
  • Provided manufacturing statistical evidence to satisfy customer Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).
  • Developed multi shift machining and assembly operations to meet surge demands resulting from recovery efforts.
  • Provided solutions to highly complex NASA flight critical parts that the customer would not trust at other suppliers.
  • Provided rapid turnaround responsiveness to customers with needs for small lot, high quality and high complexity mechanical parts and assemblies.