In addition to high volume, high technology motion control products, we specialize in technically difficult and high value engineering services. Our team includes unparalleled expertise in many areas including:

  • System architecture / system specification creation
  • Prescriptive guidance for product, system and airframe certification
  • Electric power systems including:
    • Electric/hybrid propulsion
    • Power generation, distribution and control
    • EWIS
    • Thermal management of both crew and equipment
  • Conformity for system integration labs and iron birds
    • FAA
    • EASA
    • Transport Canada
    • DoD
  • Autonomous flight controls and fight management
  • Specialized test equipment
  • Electric brake system control systems
  • Laboratory design and operation
  • Loads, dynamics and stress analysis
  • DO-178 and DO-254 Software V&V
  • ARP-4754A/ARP-4761 Consulting
  • FAA Part 145 Repair Station

Case Studies:


Kaney is a leading provider of products and services for the world’s most advanced flight systems in manned, unmanned and space vehicles. Our products include:

  • Design/build to specification or build to print
  • Controllers
  • Primary flight control electromechanical actuators
  • Utility actuators
  • Electric brake system control systems
  • Conformed specialized test stands and equipment
  • Specialized development and production test equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic pressure monitoring
  • Position sensing and indication
  • Cables and Harnesses

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